Your Questions About Weight Loss Tips That Work

June 17, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Nancy asks…

Has anyone got any good weight loss tips?

I’m a 18 year old girl, i’m 5ft 3″ tall and i weight 127lbs.
I was just wondering does anyone have any good advice as to how i can lose weight? I have cut down on the amount of fatty foods i eat and i’ve also started to excercise more, but was wondering if there was anything else i could do to help with my weight loss.
Any tips on how i could tone up my stomach a little would also be great. Thanks. 🙂

Power Health Tips answers:

Have lots of fruit and veg
Have 3 servings a day of wholegrain carbs to keep your energy up
Have 3 servings of lean protein for organ repair.
Drink lots of water to stop yu feeling hungry

Dont have many crisps, cake, chocolate, soda or biscuits
Don’t cut out carbs as this is dangerous and means you’ll gain the weight straight back
Don’t panic if you give in to temptation. Just get back on track the next day.
Most importantly, don’t give up. It will work if you stick with it.

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