Your Questions About Weight Loss Tips For Women With Thyroid Problems

July 7, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

George asks…

Loss of sensation of hunger ?

For about a little over a month, a number of symptoms started appearing around the same time. None are getting better:

*Bright pink circular rash under armpit, gets worse with moisture, sometimes itchy & flakey
*Loss of sensation of hunger, and i mean no hunger pangs or pains, sounds, growls, etc.
*loss of sensation during urination
*irregular periods (maybe due to stress)
*unintentional weight loss (5 pounds in 2 weeks)
*swollen lymph nodes in neck/throat near trachea, not visibly bulging but i can feel it when swallowing
*constant light brown stools, sometimes constipation
*slight nausea
*irritated tip of urethra
*slow-healing cuts

My suspicions:
*Thyroid problem
*Parasitic infection

I’m an 18 year old female and I’ve visited the doctor many times, but had no blood test. Please do not tell me to see a doctor because i have no health insurance and my family wont take me because they think im making this up. I just need some advice or suggestions as to what this could be so i can have an ease of mind.

Power Health Tips answers:

What you have described does not seem like diabetes. A woman can’t really have an irritated tip of the urethra? Something else down there may be irritated, but it’s not the tip of the urethra.
I don’t think you have any symptoms of something dramatic. I think you are over analyzing you body functions and suspect everything is a “symptom” of something, when it’s just your body doing it’s thing.
Unless you live in some undeveloped nation, it’s very unlikely that you have a parasite.

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