Your Questions About Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 50

June 24, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Charles asks…

How to convince your brain to stop overeating?!?

Ok I realize it is all willpower. But do you have any tips or suggestions? Like stop eating past 7 or something?

Here is my problem. I can eat good all day then sometimes at night I get really hungry. Even though I know I have eaten the daily amount of calories I need. This is serious. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

Power Health Tips answers:

Here’s an article on food cravings that may be of help to you….

Food Cravings – 7 Things You Need To Know To Conquer Your Food Craving Demons.

Food cravings can affect even the most determined dieter and can mean different things to different people. For example you can have the “harmless” cravings for things like chocolate to chips and starchy foods like French fries to on the harmful side, non-food substances like clay, laundry starch or other items.

1 – Food cravings can be a sign of low blood sugar and or a diet too low in calories. Remember don’t starve yourself as this is most likely to lead to you experience cravings and to give in to temptation.

2 – Sometimes giving in to a craving is a better solution that avoiding it. For example women who tried to stop thinking about chocolate, ate 50% more than those who were encouraged to talk about their cravings. The women who had tried to suppress their cravings ate on average eight chocolates, while those who had talked freely about it ate five.

3 – Emotions can have an affect on cravings – low mood or feeling tired means low serotonin which leads us to craving sugar and / or carbohydrates.

4 – Food cravings and so called comfort food cravings are often really just stress signals misinterpreted. For example if foods with pleasurable tastes and textures were used as a reward or to provide solace during childhood, then the psychological component for craving such foods grows even stronger.

5 – There’s is a difference between craving and addiction, food addiction is a serious problem and should be treated by a physician and/or dietician as soon as it’s identified.

6 – Drink plenty of water as dehydration can sometimes be mistaken for hunger and can increase cravings, especially for sweet foods.

7 – If you crave ice cream, have a scoop instead of eating too much of something “healthy.” It may sound like you’re cheating on your diet but giving in a little bit is a lot better than going without over a long period and then pigging out! This won’t do your diet or confidence any good.


It things do go pear shaped, pick yourself up and carry on with determination to achieve your weight loss goals. With a little bit of knowledge and commitment you will conquer food cravings and control your weight and life. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain weight, no matter what your goals are, everyone likes some kind of junk food now and then.

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