Your Questions About Weight Loss Tips For Summer

April 15, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Ken asks…

How can I loose weight without going outside?

Used to love running but sinve developing a huge chest I’m quite self-concious of running outside. I don’t want to buy and equipment or anything so weight loss tips do u have that can be done in the safety and comfort of home?
Btw: I’m 14 turning 15 and I don’t have that much time, money or space:)

Power Health Tips answers:

I’m 15 and I recently lost 15 pounds over summer in my small bedroom. I changed my eating habits, (No junk food!!!) cut my calories by 500, and worked out everyday for an hour/ hour and a half. On YouTube they have great weightloss videos that really worked for me. Try “BeFit” and “ClassFitSugar” Channel videos. They work you out.!

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