Your Questions About Weight Loss Tips For Seniors

March 31, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

David asks…

I have a question regarding weight loss?

I am trying to lose weight, and I honestly think the best way is by running, jogging, and power walking (until I am fit enough to jog the whole way).

If I get my goal weight, and can start running long distances well, do you think it would be weird to join cross country my senior year? Or will people be mad that I join senior year…

Any tips or suggestions? Thanks 🙂

Power Health Tips answers:

If anyone gets mad because you are interested in joining cross country on senior year, that’s stupid. Do what you think is right, and that’s great you have an interest in doing that — keep constant on that goal and don’t give up. Now with weight loss, the key is not only proper exercise, but also a good diet. If you are consistent with diet and exercise, the more weight you will lose. With food as well, the big thing is moderation – you can still enjoy your favorite bowl of ice cream or favorite soda, but do it once a week, once a month, etc. I speak from personal experience, I cut out the junk and brought in the good, and also more fitness into my diet (I love running – outside or on the treadmill).

Best of luck to you!

Carol asks…

I need some motivation and tips for losing weight?

This summer i put on about 30lbs, weighing in at about 170. I’m a 15 year old girl, and about 5’4. I feel really uncomfortable and NEED to lose weight. I’m having problems w/ motivation and procrastinating. And I really need some exercises that i can do without going to the gym or using equipment. I also need some dieting tips and such. Thank you if you can help me, and only serious answers please =].

Power Health Tips answers:

Start slow, take walks everyday for about 30-40 minutes. Maybe buy some Taebo videos to make it fun. Start eating right. Try to only eat unprocessed foods(fruits, vegetables, lean meat, eggs) You need to realize that we eat to live, and that we don’t live to eat. Food is fuel, not fun. Fat loss is a war. If you don’t get off your butt now it’s only going to get bigger, and before you know it you will have diabetes. Do you wanna look like you do now when you go to Senior prom a few years down the road? College? If you don’t get eating right and excersize into your habits now, how do you expect to do it when you have a much busier life? If you have specific questions send me a message. But please don’t bother if you’re not seriously ready to get into gear. I love helping people but it really makes me mad when they quit after I tell them how it is because they realize that it’s a long hard road.

Helen asks…

What would be some good poses for me?

I’m taking my senior pictures Aug. 24, 2010 and doing the summer I’m going to lose weight (50-75 lbs). I weigh in this range 250-300 lbs and I want to know what poses would be good for me if I don’t lose the weight.
Here are some pics of me if you want to see me to make a better suggestion.

Plus I don’t like taking full body pics because I don’t have any curves or hips. I’m like wide at the top and come down slim at the bottom.. It fits me but I don’t like my shape.

Power Health Tips answers:

One idea is to have the photographer looking down at you from above. If you put the camera below the eye level, it will make you look bigger. Also, if you have a big neck, looking up will help stretch out it more, to make it look thinner. Another pose tip is to not shoot shoulder-on. It kinda looks awkward, so be facing at least one side of your body away from the camera with your head turned towards the camera.

Good luck with the weight loss goal! 🙂

Linda asks…

Does anybody know any other helpful tips to losing weight maybe some homemade drinks to quicken dieting?

im 5’10 17 years old and getting ready to enter my senior year and i’ve gone from 285 from the end of march to 258 now and about half that time i was playing volleyball on my schools team and i want to know some helpful tips to hopefully be at 200 pounds by december
thank you

Power Health Tips answers:

Umm this isn’t healthy in anyway ( maybe if u do it once its fine) but see i posted a whil ago how i accidentally drank a ton of senna leaf tea thinking that it was green tea. Senna is a super strong colon cleanser.
I am in no way advocating you to drinnk this cuz its only going to help so far and it’s probably bad for you.
But once a month or something won’t hurt to just boost your weight loss. Its only water weight though

and congratulations for losing so much weight!!1 keep it up!

Sandy asks…

How do you introduce a new feed to a horse?

Power Health Tips answers:

Any time you change your horse’s feed, you need to do so gradually so that your horse’s system has time to adjust. This is due to the bacteria in the horse’s hindgut that aid in digestion. If feed is changed too quickly, the new bacteria will not have time to develop and the new feed will be stuck to ferment in the horse’s hindgut, which can result in colic. Sweet feed especially needs an adjustment period, as sweet feed contains a lot of energy and your horse may act up when being exercised if he’s not used to it. At the same time, many horses like the taste of sweet feed and are willing to eat the new feed.


Buy the best sweet feed you can afford from a local feed dealer. This is especially important with sweet feed, as molasses can be used to disguise low-grade ingredients and some poor-quality sweet feeds contain less nutrition. Better feed brands are usually separated into multiple mixes (senior, maintenance, junior horse), and Karen Briggs recommends in her article “Buying Prepared Horse Feed” that you examine the nutritional profile on the back of the bag to be sure that the feed remains the same from bag to bag.

Determine how much sweet feed your horse should be eating by the time the introduction period is completed. Consult the feeding instructions on the bag, which should give the pounds your horse should be eating based on his weight. These feeding instructions vary between manufacturers and even among a manufacturer’s different recipes.

Subtract 25 percent of your horse’s current ration and add 25 percent of the sweet feed ration.

Continue to subtract 25 percent of old feed and add 25 of new feed every other day to your horse’s ration. This should take you a week.

Watch your horse closely for signs of colic during this feed-changing process, and be sure he is drinking enough water. The most common signs of colic are biting at the abdomen; rolling and standing up successively; and no gut sounds when you listen with a stethoscope.

Weight Loss Diet
Diabetic Food Products http://
Breastfeeding Advisor
Easy Feed Formulation


The manufacturer of the feed you are switching to may have different recommendations for making the change from those described above. Consult the bag before making any changes in your horse’s diet.

To be even more safe as you are switching feeds, lower the percentages you make the changes by so you can extend the number of days you spend making the changes

HOPE I HELP ////////////////// 🙂

Richard asks…

Will i ever be able to get over the loss of my horse?

I had a horse called Fudge who got put down 2 years ago. Fudge was a arab and had a wonderful personality with his goofy teeth and he always made me laugh when i didn’t even want to smile. I only had him for 1 year and he was 22years old when he got put down. The last day of his life still haunts me now after so long and I don’t know how I can cope much longer. On the last day of his life i was helping someone out with a horse called Lady but I knew something was going on but it wasn’t until later on that my mum came up to me crying and told me that he had to get put down i was only 11 at the time. I was in shock i thought i was having a nightmare but i have never woken up from it. Fudge had severe arthritis and he had done the splits in the stable and damaged his hips and the damage was unfixable. When i walked into the stable he was lay on the floor and couldn’t get up but with the little strength he had left he lifted his head up for me and i ran over to him. I couldn’t stop crying he lay his head on my knee and i stroked his face and said my goodbyes and then me and my mum left the stable and that was the last time i saw him.I got a piece of him main and tail and i have it framed. It is so hard as i haven’t lost just a pet i have lost a friend and one of my family and it kills me and it is tearing me from the inside out. I am ridding i have never stopped and i am getting a horse in 1 week but i am really scared as i don’t think i will be able to give all my love to her. My new horse is called Gemma and she is a arab cross and is 14.3hh but i really wonder if i will be able to be the best owner i can be as i am only 13 years old. My mum is also hurt by the loss of fudge but my mum will not be here for Gemma too much as she is disabled and is pregnant as well and is due in 6 weeks. I am in counselling but it has not helped at all i think it is has got worse. I do have depression not just due to this but other things as well but i am okay but if i can get over Fudge it would make me life so much better. I want to be the best owner i can be for Gemma at my age and just give her the love that she deserves as she has such a kind heart. I really want help so if anyone understands what i am going through and has a few tips for me to help they will be much appreciated.

Power Health Tips answers:

I think I can relate to what you’re going through. Not quite, but maybe slightly. I work at a pony farm. (I’m 14, by the way.) I have never owned a horse. There is a filly- mare, now, actually- who I met for the first time when she was a day old. I fell in love with her right then and there. When she was 2 months old, she developed pneumonia and had to be taken from her mother to get the proper care. She returned shy, skittish, stubborn, nervous, and untrusting. I worked with her until she began to trust me. To this day, I am the only one she trusts fully. (She’s four now, by the way.) When she was 2 years old, she got very sick. She was almost put down then, but a few days before it was scheduled, she pulled out of it and began recovering. A few months later, it came back, lingered, and faded out. When she was about 2 years and 8 months, she lost weight. Her coat was thin and patchy, her hips stuck out, and her eyes were running. Her food fell out of her mouth when she ate, she had to be put on senior feed. When they got the vet to do tests, nothing was wrong. Then came the dentist visit. When it was time for her teeth to be floated, he couldn’t open her mouth. It was not physically possible. She had something terribly wrong with her jaw. From that time on, she has been kept in about 6 hours a day with food to eat so she can at least get enough to eat- she’s still very thin, though. She has been almost put down 4 times now, but each time she gets strong enough that they decide to give her some more time. I have to live with the reality that any day, without me knowing, she could be put down. And if she gets better, she’ll be sold. Of course, I would prefer her to have a new home rather than that, but it would break my heart to see her go. As C. Joybell C said, “Pain is a pesky part of being human, I’ve learned it feels like a stab wound to the heart, something I wish we could all do without, in our lives here. Pain is a sudden hurt that can’t be escaped. But then I have also learned that because of pain, I can feel the beauty, tenderness, and freedom of healing. Pain feels like a fast stab wound to the heart. But then healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air! We may not have wings growing out of our backs, but healing is the closest thing that will give us that wind against our faces.” I won’t tell you to let go of the past. Keep Fudge in your memories, and in your heart. But learn to trust Gemma. Let yourself love her. For you may be scared of loving something that much again, but the years you love it will always be some of the best in your life. And even when they leave, they have left us with so many memories to cherish. Don’t let pain and sorrow make you keep your distance. Loving her will mend your wounds. I’m not religious at all, but Fudge is probably looking down on you from horsey heaven with all the meadows and apples and carrots and sugar cubes. He’s probably glad that you have found something to love as much as you loved him. And just because you’re 13 doesn’t make you any less of an owner than anybody else. You might have something better, even- you’re at a young enough age to love her unconditionally, without anything else getting in between the two of you.

Thomas asks…

how to lose weight the healthy way at home?

I’m like between 128-130lbs at 5’2. March 4th, I am going on senior trip and they have a pool at the place we are staying. All my friends want to go in the pool, and of course I do too, but I do not want them to see my body because I have a bit of a stomach. how can I lose weight the healthy way? Any tips? Thank you so much

Power Health Tips answers:

Have another glass of water while you are having the meal. Again this is another weight loss tips and way of making yourself full, another great weight loss tips, so that you can actually rise from the table eating less but feeling full just the same. Instead of drinking it one gulp, take sips after each morsel. It will help the food to settle faster so that you get that feeling that you are full faster. SIDENOTE: Water is such a remarkable thing, but seldom do we give it the credit that it deserves. Did you know that over 66% of your body weight is nothing but water’ It’s amazing! Water also plays a vital role in weight control, which is why I donated so much space to it, above.

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