Your Questions About Weight Loss Tips For Seniors

June 27, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Richard asks…

Losing Weight (I know, too often of a question… but I need help)?

So, I’m 5’3″ and I weigh 145-150. Yeah, you could say I’m overweight. I just want to be healthy and fit as a fiddle for the beginning of the school year (I’m going to be a senior!!!), so does anyone have some weightloss tips? I’m not looking for the magical answer, and I know its not going to instantly drop off after I read your replies. I’ve tried a lot of things, and I just want to hear your input.

Power Health Tips answers:

I used to weigh 150 and now I weigh 130. Which is an ideal weight for me. Hopefully this could help you get to your ideal weight.

First of all, to lose weight, you gotta start eating right, meaning no more fast food. This doesn’t mean you have to starv yourself. Just eat healthy foods with healthhy fats.

Soo you started eating right, your on the track, now what.
Well you gotta get some exercise. I go to the gym. But there are soooo many things you could do at your home. I worked out at home until i was able to go to the gym. Sooo try and get exercise everyday or every other day.

Soo your on your way to fitting in those jeans. A fun way to lose weight is… Play a sport! Join a team in high school. Its aa way for you to have fun and burn those calories! Thats how I lost my exta weight.

It will work best when you eat right and play or do a sport. If you hate working out, sports are the best.

Hope I helped! Hahaha

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