Your Questions About Weight Loss Tips For Men In Their 20s

June 26, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Lizzie asks…

I need to lose 60 to 80 pounds- has anyone here acheived that- if so, how?

Okay- please no mean answers here…
I need to lose weight, but try as I may, I cant seem to drop any- I’m a man in my late 30s- but back in my 20s, I could lose weight with ease, but now its so bloody hard, my metabolism seems to have slowed down.

I’m 6’3- my ideal weight, with my height and frame is around 220- I look at my best in the 210 range- I have gotten down to 179 when I was an avid runner- but was told I looked emaciated at that weight….
I’m currently 280- with a linebacker builld. Im active, I walk everywhere- I want to lose 60 pounds. If I can get down to 220, ill be happy.My weight seems stuck on 280- Ive biked daily, walked over a mile a day- but no weight loss– or gain.

To anyone here who has shed at least 60 pounds- what exercises were the most effective? I dont want to resume running until I lose at least 30 pounds, lest i blow out my knees…

Please refrain from fat jokes or insults if you aswnser….

Power Health Tips answers:

Ok, here are a few tips that have worked for me over the years, this will be long… I’ve lost 60 lbs. By the way and been a trainer…

Cut out carbs as much as you can…if you cannot, at least don’t eat refined white carbs like white bread, white rice, etc. Try to minimize carbs as much as possible and only eat brown rice and whole grains if you must eat carbs. Eat lean meats (a serving is about the size of your fist or maybe a little bigger for your body size) and tons of veggies (lay off corn and carrots, too much sugar). Set a time at night that you will not eat after, say 7 pm, and stick to it, as hard as it is…even if you’re starving! Cut out alcohol totally for a few weeks. If you must drink stick with 1 glass of red wine or ONE light beer, and that’s it. Drink at least 8 glasses of water and more if you can…especially right before you eat or if you’re going out to dinner or something, try and slam a big glass before you eat and you won’t be able to eat as much. Eat 5-6 SMALL meals a day, here’s what I eat (I am a small girl so you can probably add extra to this since you have a bigger frame than me, and when adding calories, I stick by the rule that the earlier you eat them, the better):

boiled egg, 1 or sometimes 2 for breakfast
snack: handful nuts (pistachios, almonds are best)
lunch: chicken caesar salad, skip the croutons, light on the dressing
snack: 1 string cheese
dinner: piece of chicken, steamed veggies and sometimes I add a little cheese, that’s my weakness 🙂

jello sugar-free pudding and fruit jello are good to keep around when you have a sweet tooth. Also, if you have to have chocolate (which I do!) I get extra dark chocolate and just try to have 1 piece.

The most important thing is you have to MOVE every day, and not leisurely walking. Walking around all day is fine, but if it’s part of your daily routine it should not be counted as exercise. This is all physics, and your body has conditioned itself to burn much less calories than it’s taken in, or else you wouldn’t be overweight. One mile is about 12 minutes so a mile isn’t enough, you should do at least 2 to start. If you can do more than 30 min, do more, the more the better, and as time goes on know that you have to continue to increase the time you work out if you want to keep losing. You should walk at least 30 min. A day and walk so fast that you are just about to break into a jog…you should break a sweat for sure. If you think you’re going fast enough, step it up an extra half a notch, you should have to move your arms too, almost like you’re trying to catch up to someone. Make sure to go to a sports store and get some really good cushioned shoes so you don’t hurt your knees and you’re right, don’t start running until you drop 25-30 lbs. Or so. If you belong to a gym, after you’ve dropped some weight you will want to incorporate some weight training, you may want to get 1 or 2 personal training sessions (you could get more, but if you keep good notes you just need some introductory guidance) to find out the best weight lifting program to be on.

Well, this was long, and I know I’m quite direct, but I have been where you are and I hope my tips are helpful. Sometimes it’s easy to think you’re doing enough but you really need to be pushing yourself all the time. Best of luck!!

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