Your Questions About Weight Loss Tips For Busy People

March 28, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Maria asks…

What’s the fastest way to loose weight ?

I have a vacation in two weeks and I want to loose about 10 pounds. Is there anyway rapid weight loss tips? And what’s the best commercial weight loss?

Power Health Tips answers:

Aching to lose weight and don’t know how to start? I’m here to help! Here are 20 tips to help get you through one of life’s most oft repeated struggles – the Fight Against Fat.

1. Have you tried to give up sugar and haven’t succeeded? Instead of forbidding yourself certain foods – just eat less of them. If you must have sugar in your tea, cut it down from two spoons to one.

2. Ever notice how if you eat when you’re ravenous, you tend to overeat? So try eating more regularly, even if it means more frequently. Eat an average of 5 small meals a day, instead of 2 or 3 large ones, where you stuff yourself.

3. Be conscious about what you eat. Keep a food diary and note down everything you eat. You may be shocked at the results.

4. Eat or snack only on the dinner table, not on the couch in front of your television. Once you make a policy out of this, you’ll cut down on snacks tremendously. Don’t get too comfortable while eating. It’s always better to eat on the go. Always sit straight on the chair.

5. Make rules for yourself. If you experience cravings, give yourself ten minutes before you attack the refrigerator. In most cases, the craving would just die down and you’d walk away.

6. Drink a lot of water. This reduces hunger pangs and gives you more energy.

7. When you decide to finally attack your weight problem, you want it gone by the weekend. But realise that that is just not a realistic approach. If you want it off permanently, you’ve got to take it slow. It may even take up to a year to get to your desired weight – that’s fine, because you’ve got more of a chance of maintaining it.

8. Join an aerobics class. It’s more disciplined and it’s always better to work out in a group.

9. Stay busy. Don’t just sit around wasting time. Chances are your mind will wander to that delicious chocolate cake… Partake in activities that are not conducive to eating. Join a singing class, take up oil painting or gardening – cultivate a hobby.

10. If you have to snack, try this. Put your hand in the packet of wafers and take out a fistful. Finish off whatever you get your hands on – and that’s it.

11. Don’t stack up on fattening yummy foods. It’s easiest to control food intake if you just don’t have it around. If you feel like chocolate cake, buy a pastry so it doesn’t hang out in the refrigerator all week till you polish it off. Similarly, don’t keep tubs of ice cream in the freezer. Buy a cup or two and eat it when the mood strikes.

12. When you reach for the refrigerator, stop and question yourself. Are you just bored or are you really hungry? In most of the cases the answer will be the former.

13. Stick little post-it notes on the refrigerator saying, Stop! Or Reach for a glass of water.

14. Buy clothes a size smaller and work towards fitting into them.

15. Don’t beat yourself up or lose heart just because you’ve slipped up a few times. You need to keep a positive outlook and keep encouraging yourself.

16. Visualise how you will look without those extra kilograms.

17. Take up yoga.

18. Find new and different ways to measure how far you’ve come. Don’t just stick to the weighing scale. Scout around in your cupboard and try on old clothes that are big for you – excellent motivation.

19. Find a partner to work out with or to support you. Enlist the help of a friend and go for activities that don’t involve snacking. Take up tennis, go cycling… don’t just meet friends over lunch or dinner.

20. Get motivated. No one is going to lose your weight for you. You’re going to have to do it all by yourself, and if the motivation doesn’t come from within you, no amount of friends and family pushing you to lose weight is going to help.

Good luck and enjoy your vacation!!

Michael asks…

What are some great weight loss and exercise tips?

Hello everyone,
I am looking for great workout and diet plan to help me succeed in my weight loss journey. Please inform me of any or everything you know. Also I have alot of belly fat that i am really trying to get rid of, if you know anything that help in that area please let me know. Thanks in Advance

Power Health Tips answers:

If you have tried out fitness centers or weight loss plans, you have probably struggled with finding the time to lose weight. If so, you are not alone. Almost everyone I have known has at one point said “I just don’t have time!”

So here are a few helpful tips to help you find little areas of time to exercise in the midst of your very busy life.

One thing that has been extremely helpful with me and my fitness goals has been to write down exactly how I spend my time during my week. I don’t only mean home or at work, but everything that you do during the day weather it be big or small, it all adds up! For example, I noticed that during a one day of the week I was watching television for three hours, and on another night I was browsing the internet for a several hours, not really accomplishing anything. Does that ever happen to you?

I swear that even if you have the busiest of schedules, if you do this exercise you will find plenty of time you never even knew you had!

Another thing you can do to acquire more time to accomplish your weight loss goals is to begin with small time increments. For example, at first try incorporating 15 minutes of exercise into everyday, then make it 30 minutes next week and so on. Gradually increase the amount of time spent working out and soon you’ll find that it will just become part of your daily routine.

Remember that when finding time for weight loss it is up to make it work. If you truly want to make it happen you can do it no matter what your schedule looks like!

There is a weight loss group that is now allowing a few people in to try their program where you can lose 25 pounds in just a month.

I’ve posted a website below.

Helen asks…

How to tell if you are overweight/17 female any opinions?

Im 17 5ft 3in and 150lb female. I was wondering if this is considered overweight? I am a huge soccer player but have taken some time off for a couple of months. I need to get rid of the small amount of belly and back fat that i have acquired over the past few months. ANyone have any good tips or weight loss ideas/supplements that can help me loose weight within 3 weeks!

Power Health Tips answers:

When you feel hungry, stop and have a cup of water. Wait 5 minutes and assess whether you are really hungry or perhaps there is something else on you mind.
When you catch yourself looking for some-thing to munch on, stop yourself and do something to occupy your time. Many people tend to eat too much when they are bored.
Remember to take it one day at a time.
If you want to snack, make sure it is a healthy, low-fat, low-calorie snack.
Remember, fat-free does not mean you can eat the whole box!
When eating fat-free products, remember to look at the serving size and calories.
Even if you’re eating low fat, you must still be aware of your calorie intake. Calories can add up and you can gain weight eating low-fat and fat-free products.
When setting your ideal weight, be realistic and choose a weight that you can comfortably maintain, without much struggle, for the rest of your life.
Do not weigh yourself more than once a week.
Eat more whole foods, natural products that have not been processed.
Do some activity daily. Walking is an excellent choice and is easy on the joints. Try to work up to 30-45 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week for maximum results.
Take up a new hobby or sport. This can occupy your time and help you avoid the fridge. Many people find that when they are busy they don’t have time to think about food.
Stock your cupboards and refrigerator with fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain products and low-fat alternatives. This will make it much easier to stick to your new, healthy plan.
Try to replace high fat ingredients in your recipes with lower-fat alternatives
Saute your food in water, both, wine or juice instead of oil.
Use applesauce or fat-free plain yogurt in baked goods instead of oil.
Another weight loss tip is that use low-fat cooking spray instead of oil.
Drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
Limit caffeine intake to 1-2 cups a day.
Set small goals instead of large ones. If you need to lose 60 lbs., break it down into 10 lb. Goals. When you reach that goal, and then set a new one of 10 or 12 more pounds.
When you reach your first goal, treat yourself to something special.
Always remember to lose weight for yourself, not to please anyone else.
Once a week, pamper yourself. Remember to show yourself love take time just for you.
Prepare a menu plan for the week ahead and stick to it.
Use a list when you go grocery shopping, and stick to it.
Never go shopping on an empty stomach.
Remember to pat yourself on the back for all your accomplishments, no matter how small they may be.

Exercise tips –

1.Lifting Weights
Increasing weights you lift means you can reduce the times per week you lift them. If you lift heavy enough, you will just need to train your muscles one time per can do 3 exercises in just 5 minutes.

2. Always play sports to help you burn fat preferably tennis, swimming or lacrosse

3. Sprinting
. Sprinting can be tough for your body but this is what builds muscles and burns fat most rapidly. It’ll also help you boost your body weight loss hormones. A couple of 60-80 feet springs will burn more calories than a full hour of walking. You could also skip, run, box or swim.

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