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Betty asks…

Is sex enjoyable for small penis sized men?

Hi, My boyfriend has a small penis, (both lenght and width), I could careless for myself, because I dont believe sex is what makes the relationship… But I do want to know what he is feeling while we are having sex… I can “feel” him when he is inside me, but barely, and I know I am not loose…. (I do kegel exercises, plus I have never had complaints from previous partners)… Just because he isnt simulating me, does that mean he isnt enjoying the sexual incourse as well?? Or does it still feel good to him? (I cant even feel if he orgasisms….*sad face*) I feel very lost, I want to please him, but I dont think there is much I can do, because it isnt something I can correct…. Can some one please tell me if or what he feels… and if it feels good….

I tried asking him if he enjoyed himself, and he was like yea its good… but I dunno… I wish I could give him mind blowing awesome sex… please help, and I’ll take whatever suggestions… to heart!

I already please him orally… so I dont need tips that way, thanks.
Thank you

Power Health Tips answers:

You’re a good girl… For better sex for both of you, check this out:

How Long does a Penis need to be to Make a Woman Orgasm?

With the right techniques your man will make you feel what you need to feel… And believe me, he’ll get his..

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