Your Questions About Healthy Exercise Tips For Seniors

July 20, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

George asks…

Am i fat? Pics included, help?

So at the end of my senior year i weighed rougly 130 ish and now i weigh 142. I’ve done a bmi calculator and it says I’m not fat, but close. My waist is 34 and my hip is 33. I stopped playing sports at the end of 2010 and since I stopped i walk and rarely exercise. Like everyso often ill play basketball in my yard or play something but thats it. Since college has started the food i eat is nothing but junk since i can’t afford anything. My mom buys some of my groceries, but she picks up junk food. I will ocasionally have something semi healthy but i have to cook microwavable products. I can cook but just don’t have any cooking supplies. I also sit in my room on the internet when i get home from classes in the morning and stay up late. I know i can’t help but a girl i like I skype with her really late because thats the only time we can talk. I also go on computer because there nothing to do in my area. I walk and thats about it. I don’t have a car. Sometimes ill walk to the schools gym but its rare that i do that. I dont want to do a club since people are mean to me.
When i get a new job i will be able to afford to buy supplies. Anyways am i fat. I know I’m by not ways super fat, because my arms are skinny and my calves are. Its just my belly bulges out. In a way that bulge feels good. I have sorta a fat fetish and it kinda feels good to me. I know its not healthy but in some ways i like it. I also noticed my butt is super big. Every week i try to do a workout such as a butt exercise for an hour or running on an eliptical.

If i am fat, what are your tips. Am i ugly because of it? Should i stay my weight because i kind of like being chubbyish

Btw in the pictures it makes me seem like I’m not fat at all. But I’m telling you when I’m sitting and looking at myself in first person it bulges over my pants[email protected]/?saved=1

Power Health Tips answers:

You have image issues. You’re not at all fat. It might good for you to talk to a nutritionist before you develop a full blown eating disorder. Find an activity you’re good at or like. Walking is good start.

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