Your Questions About Healthy Eating Tips For Women

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Betty asks…

what are some healthy eating habbits to start me off for cross country?

i am starting cross country and i want to be prepared so that i can do my best. and eating habits would deffinately be a good start.

Power Health Tips answers:

You’re absolutely right! Healthy eating is key for the energy and strength you need for cross country training. So, how to eat before your workout? There are tons of options, and I’ve got eight words for you: complex carbs plus a shot of energy gel. This is an ideal pre-session cardio munch to sustain your workout for the long haul–and to give you the immediate boost that gets you going.

Try a small bowl of whole-grain cereal and an Accel Gel Energy Shot. The whole-grains, 45 minutes before; the Accel gel, 15 minutes before. Why those two? Well, brand names aren’t important at all BUT what is important is this: The whole grains in the cereal (or a whole-grain alternative such as a carbs+protein energy bar or a PB&J, for example) will digest slowly and give you the steady flow of energy (and fiber) you need to keep it up. About the energy gel: Accel Gel is particularly great because it has an ideal mix of simple sugars (for energy, now!), carbs (for sustained energy), and protein (for muscle recovery)–but any gel will do. Take in about half a packet every 15 minutes throughout your workout too for the best out of your muscles. That’s all you need.

Want to go all natural, or just not a big fan of gels? Substitute raisins or a banana, they’ve got the simple sugars and carbs you need, too.

For post-workout foods–which are the key for high-impact cardio workouts–go to the Womens Health magazine website and check out “The Best Fitness Foods for Women.” They’ve got a great list for you to, um, eat from throughout the day for energy and health. Things like skinless chicken (for B vitamins), cottage cheese (for muscle recovery), salmon (for flatter abs), baked potatoes, etc.

Another tip, eat more frequent, smaller meals. Here’s why: If you eat only three squares a day, you’re creating energy imbalances: Between meals, you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in; at mealtimes, you’re way consuming more than you’re burning. And it’s more fun to eat more frequently, anyway!

So, here are a few of the many filling proteins and fiberous foods that top the list for you to sub in to your regular diet for snacks and meals: -Turkey -Fish high in omega-3s (such as wild salmon and tuna) -Almonds (with skins intact) -Beans and legumes -Whey protein powder -Oatmeal -Whole-grain breakfast cereals -Whole-wheat breads and pastas

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