Your Questions About Healthy Eating Tips For Seniors

March 30, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Richard asks…

What are some great tips on losing weight fast?

I’m 17 and overweight and i want to feel different before i graduate next year. I wanna come back to school my senior year shocking my friends and what are some ways on doing that, yea yea ik drink water, eat healthy, exercise but like with what ? and would music be a good help?

Power Health Tips answers:

Try water fasting. Regardless of what many people think, it’s incredibly healthy and it’s insanely amazing for weight loss!

Before trying one research it first. Find out how to prepare for one, what to expect, how to break it and how to keep the weight off. Also on YouTube, you can watch people’s water fasting video diaries.

It’s a tough mental challenge, but it is soooo worth it! Trust me, you should definitely try it! 🙂

Carol asks…

What are some tips for eatting healthier?

I have been trying to lose weight and i have been keeping my calorie intake under 1800. i feel hungry when i get home from work but i dont want to eat something unhealthy or loaded with calories. i gave up soda. i have been drinking only water for about a week now. i am a senior in high school. i get up at 7 and get ready for school and get to school at 8 and i eat lunch at about 1030 and i get home and we eat dinner at 4 because my dad works nights and so do i. i work from 5 to 10 and its a half hour drive. and when i get home i always feel hungry but dont want to eat something full of calories. should i eat a small meal with my family at 4 and when i get home at 1030 eat something small? i usually go to bed around 12-1 any help is appreciated

Power Health Tips answers:

A GREAT snack is a tomato avocado salad! Cut up one avocado and three small tomatoes or one large tomato (dice tomato, big chunks for avocado). Then put lime juice on it once in bowl and mix it. Then season it with salt. If you have spices sprinkle cumin and garlic powder on it. It’s delicious and it’s also great for the skin and hair!

Also.. Almonds are a great snack through out the day.

Good luck and hope this helped 🙂

Linda asks…

How can I improve from a 23 min 5K to a sub-20 minute 5k?

Next year is my senior year in high school, and I want to have a really good cross country season. My personal best was a 23:54 for the 5k last Thanksgiving. I really want to improve to under 20 minutes by the end of my season in late October. Is this possible? Also, any advice on what training schedule to follow would be great.

Power Health Tips answers:

Wow, that’s a lot of time to drop. But hey, it can be done!

Therefore, start now!

I’d recommend running, running and running. Here’s some tips:
~Do at least one long run a week. Start with it being maybe 5 miles and boost it up every week to train endurance.
~Mix in a couple of plio days. Plios (push-ups, lunges, weights, etc.) bumps up cardiovascular strength and leg muscle.
~Try one or two intense, practically race-pace, workout days a week. Ex: Run 5 loops on a course-like area thats equivalent to about 800 meters. This would help u train that last mile and work on speed.
~Go for some easy 5k runs. Not too long but not too short. Depending on the day, u might want to make it a tempo run (speed up for a couple minutes then slow down again, and repeat) so that u know your not getting lazy.
~Eat well! Fuel your body with the right carbs and proteins so that u have the healthiest heart and the right weight for u.
~Prevent injury, stretch! Don’t get tight or you’ll hinder your next days workout
~Oh and throw in some swimming too if you can! It loosens your legs!
God Luck =)

Charles asks…

How can I loose 25 pounds over summer vacation?

I have from now until September, senior year baby! I want to feel good and have fun, I don’t want to be chubby anymore 😉

So what are some fun things I can do that don’t include the gym, and what types of changes should I make to my diet? I’m a vegetarian already, and I don’t eat anything with too much fats in it. Perhaps I should cut down on peanut butter and stuff like that? And is it okay that I have oatmeal for breakfast?

What are some tips you all have? Thanks guys.

Power Health Tips answers:

Hi,,,most important thing is to eat naturally..without medicines, chemicals, “starving” your self etc.

First, it would be best for you to eat as healthy as possible..this will also help you considerably to lose weight gradually and naturally..

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of WATER..avoid all cokes, caffeines, smoking, alchohol etc. As these also add weight as well as they contain chemicals which disturb your natural bio rythmns as well as brain chemistry. Try not to eat too much meat, and the meat you should eat should be “lean meat” such as steamed chicken and rice, or steamed fish with rice..and vegetables,, this should be your staple diet rice and vegetables with fruits..AVOID “JUNK FOOD” and “Fast Food” as this type of food is very unhealthy, lacking in vitamins really and has plenty of fattening molecules which make one gain weight and is not good .

If you snack,, try fruits with yogurt or fruit yogurt and nuts.. Nuts are very healthy for your body .and contain proteins.

Go for walks every evening or morning or whenever you get time each day for 1 hour or 2 hours..make this somewhere you enjoy walking even if you have to drive a bit to there..and make this a daily will enjoy it once you get into it ..and it makes you feel great after..just walking for 1 hour or 2 hours.

If you do this..every day for one month should lose at least 10 pounds per month until you get to your natural healthy weight..dont know what your height is,,but look up on the internet what your weight for your height should be ..and when you get to this weight,,your body will look very nice and you will feel very good.

10 pounds each month in 3 months you should lose 30 pounds..for sure…but no junk food and dont drink alcohol or smoke, dont eat junk..just healthy food with vitamins and walking 1 hour or 2 hours every day..and drink plenty of water..this is guaranteed way to lose weight naturally and for good, if you stick to this, which you should,,as it makes you feel so much more positive due to the vitamins and lack of chemicals making you feel depressed…

Btw, forgot to mention,,just in case you dont know how to really make healthy a “food steamer” at your local deparment store..they are very cheap and work very well as buy a “rice cooker” which is also very cheap..eating rice is a great way to get your necessary carbs “healthy carbs” to lose weight and has lots of natural energy inside. You can buy asian rice at most large supermarkets or if you have a local oriental market..they sale quality asian rice.. Thai or indian rice is good “jasmine rice”.. Buy corn or canola oil to sprinkle on vegetables or rice before steaming to add to taste as well as you can buy several nice spices like “cumin” or “Curry powders”, etc.just sprinkle on the vegetables before steaming to give nice taste.

Drink “Green Tea” as this is very healthy and helps burn weight faster…you can buy quality green tea at most oriental shops or large supermarkets as well.

Good luck

Betty asks…

I did BJJ for 4 months and im really good at it, but now im joining my high schools wrestling team. Any tips?

Im pretty sure i have an advantage over the wrestlers but im new to wrestling which is different. So i just want any tips. And im in my senior year just joining….if thats of any help.

Power Health Tips answers:

Just eat a healthy diet, and listen to your coaches. Wrestling is a whole other ball game then bjj. You cant submit your opponent you have to pin him. So work on your pinning techniques in practice. Finish every takedown with a pinning technique in practice so it will become muscle memory. Dont be lazy in practice.

Also stay off your back. In wrestling you risk getting pinned, and lose points.

Just stick with it, and absorb all you can from the practices. Good luck!

Paul asks…

What happened your freshman year in highschool?

What was it like? Hard? Easy? Was it your first time drinking? Trying drugs? First relationship? First time failing a class?

Did you enjoy your freshman year?
Tips for and incoming freshy?

What is it like in highschool overall?

Power Health Tips answers:

Freshman year is too easy, but don’t screw around. If you fail a class freshman year, than well you’re basically screwed…

I did not enjoy freshman year. I had some of the worst teachers, and my class is full of morons.

Take school seriously, question everything, and don’t let idiots bring your motivation down.

Well I’m a senior this year, it’s your education. If you live in the United States of America, than don’t be surprised if you find it utterly retarded. Mostly because the principles, teachers, and your peers can all be total morons. Here let me list you off some basic rules to follow.

1. If you’re in a group, don’t be surprised if some prick doesn’t do any work and you have to do all of it.
2. Don’t procrastinate, it’ll screw you over.
3. Be organized, teachers are humans too and they tend to lose your stuff. Ask your parents if they would help donate money towards a copier, that way you can digitally save your papers.
4. Be open minded, and try to be humble. If you become a douche or a b1tch, than people will hate you.
5. Challenge yourself, don’t be afraid.
6. Try to find free tutor, I can go to a college and get free tutoring, It’s awesome.
7. Don’t leave stuff in the classroom, people are morons, and they like to steal things. Even if your teacher tells you to, don’t listen.
8. Teachers at my school attempt to abuse their power. I know we’re not classified as adults, but you do have freedom of speech. This is strange to know, but know your laws. People are people, and they can suck. (This is from my personal experiences)
9. Find out about your teachers, demand to know if they’re good or not.
10. Have fun, I guess.
11. Go out, right now, and buy the ACT and SAT books. Begin to study those things like crazy. Don’t listen to your teachers, they’ll tell you to not worry about them yet. Yea… They’re morons.
12. Since you’re a freshman, you wont have that much of a challenge. I suggest you try to get ahead in mathematics.
13. Avoid drugs. Alcohol, weed, and anything else. Just avoid it, you can’t afford to lose the brain cells. I wont start drinking until the age of 24, that’s when your brain is technically in the green.
14. Get a summer job. I know, I can sound like your mom or dad, but trust me. You’ll like the money.
15. Save up for college, that stuff is expensive. I’ll give you advice, get those I-books or whatever they’re called. That’s for college though.
16. Sports, I don’t care. If you like them go for them, but don’t be peer pressured into stuff.
17. Sex can be great, but I suggest avoiding it. Why? Because you can’t risk it, just yet. If you do have sex, have a lot of protection.
18. Relationships are great, but don’t be surprised if you break up.
19. Find good friends, and not stupid immature party friends.
20. Give yourself time for homework.
21. Get sleep
22. Food, eat healthy.
23. Pimples can be a problem, consult your dermatologist.

Joseph asks…

How can I stop my dog from farting so much?

I feed him healthy dry dog food, I’ve tried so far (by brand)
The Goodlife Recipe
and about two or three others I can’t recall the names of. I’ve tried using puppy dog food (he’s about 8 months old), normal dog food, and senior dog food (probably a bad idea because of the fiber). Would a way to reduce his relentless farting be to find the food with the least amount of fiber in it? Basically, does anyone know or have any tips about how to reduce his farting?
He does not get people food or an inordinate amount of treats, and the treats he does get are not the cause I have at least determined that. He gets plenty of exercise and is otherwise a great and healthy dog

Power Health Tips answers:

Probably just a matter of finding the right food for him, sometimes even the better brands will have something that don’t agree with some dogs. Avoid CORN, it is a huge contributer to gas, and is in the cheaper made foods. You could try a food witht only one protein source (like fish) & see how he does on that or else try a grainless. Feed him smaller meals more often, as oppsed to heavy meals once a day, he won’t be overly hungry & gulp up so much air as he eats. tells you about the different foods out there. I personally like Orijen ($) Canidea, Solid Gold, Wellness..You can also try adding a bit of plain yogurt to his food for healthy intestional bacteria.

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