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June 19, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Maria asks…

What are some tips for surviving high school for a 14 year old?

I am trying to write down a heap of ways to survive high school for a book but I can’t think of any more!!!!

Power Health Tips answers:

1- Do things that make you happy. For me and for lots of people at my high school, this was playing basketball at lunchtime. It could be something like joining a club. You sometimes just have to take a step in the dark by trying something that you haven’t done before.

2- Find a best friend. This comes naturally when you do step #1.

3- Meet your teachers. There is a statistic I heard that says that on average grades can be quite greatly affected by simply getting to know your teachers a bit more. There are probably a handful of reasons why this would be the case.

4- Eat well. Even if that means packing a lunch. (I packed a lunch all the way through my senior year)

5- Use a planner effectively. People have all kinds of ways to use planners. Find something that is helpful for you.

6- Write in a journal. This is emotionally and intellectually healthy. Personalize it so that it is more meaningful for you. Some people like to draw pictures. Others like to do it on their computers.

7- Try new things. You’re still very young in high school. Don’t think that you already know everything about yourself. You may very well find yourself being the king of chess. I started tennis my senior year and LOVE it today.

8- Talk to close family members about school. Hopefully they are interested; but even if they aren’t, tell them anyway. It’s important that they know and they do hear even if they may not seem like they do. They can potentially serve as a resource.

9- Pray. This always helps. Just tell Him about your day and pay attention to your thoughts and feelings while you do. He’ll prompt you to do things. You have this great idea about school or friends and then realize, “I don’t think that came from me.”

10- Have a good relationship with girls. A statistic says that all people are generally happier when they have a good relationship with girls (whether the person be a boy or a girl)

There is 10 more for ya! Good luck with your book. 🙂

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