Your Questions About Healthy Eating Tips For Seniors

June 2, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Charles asks…

How can you boost an 85 average to a 95?

I’m a highschool senior and I need all there is to help me get better marks so I can get a decent scholarship…
I also do like 8 hours of extra curriculars every week
and I have 4 honors classes of my total of 6

Power Health Tips answers:

Heey 🙂 Don’t worry… You’ll be fine. First of all take all that tension off your back so that you can think straight. A great thing that will encourage you is to make school your first priority. Education is something no one can take away from you! Here’s a few tips so you can work out your problems and get a decent scholarship:
Stay Organized (Binders, Folders, Locker, Bag, and Desk) I know most ppl think of organization another thing that is super borrring buhh If you do so at least you will know where everything is and half your problems will be solved.
Ask a lot of questions and participate a lot in class. Ask help from parents and teachers. They care about you and want your better so no doubt they will help you. Have discussions in class with your classmates or friends. However, remember not to go off topic!
Eat a good healthy breakfast, read lots of books, and exercise your brain by playing Sudoku and crossword puzzles.
Don’t study for the test the night before. Do the studying while class time and understand and things not memorize. Make sure you understand the whole concept during class. If not go to her whenever you are free or during lunch hours. Oh yeah and always listen during class. (i have a friend who never studies for tests. She is super intelligent because she simply listens during class)
Do homework the day you get it, so you have more time to focus on other things. NEVER do your homework the night before.
Last but not least have trust in yourself. Believe that you can do this and you have the potential to do it. Work hard and prove yourself. Another thing everyone has a brain. It’s just that some people are to lazy to use one! If you don’t be lazy, you’ll be on the road to success and prosperity in no time! Trust me this will work 🙂
Good Luck and I hope you crack above 95% on your following tests !

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