Your Questions About Healthy Eating Tips For Busy People

June 18, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Betty asks…

How do you eat healthy and save money?

I’ve cut back on soda and junk food. I’m also trying to cut down on eating out because with tips it adds up to a lot. I can’t have a garden because I live in an apartment and buying in bulk at Costco isn’t going to work either because we don’t have a lot of space.

So what can I do to save money at the grocery store? My mom said that she gets the weekly sale fliers and shops that way. I can do that. What else can I do besides that?

Power Health Tips answers:


Good for you! Lots of people are thinking the very same thing these days: “How do I eat healthy but within my means?”
The biggest change most people can make is to stop eating out. We are all so busy that getting dinner on the table can be a real challenge. Planning menus is the answer. Take advantage of sales, eliminate impulse items, and eat out when you want to, not when you have to!

For 4 or 5 weeks, make menu planning your priority. Give yourself enough time to get things figured out. After that, set a time limit and just do what you can. You have to get it done fast, or else it’s just too much work.

And don’t give up on growing things. If you have just one sunny window, you can grow a few herbs. Fresh herbs are pricey, but they are antioxidant powerhouses, and they taste so good! Also, see if a plot is available in a community garden near you.

Good luck and have fun!

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