Your Questions About Healthy Eating Plan For Busy People

July 27, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Carol asks…

What have you found to be the best diet and why?

When it comes to losing and keeping weight off, there are SO many eating plans. What has worked for you? Why do you think a certain diet is good for you?

Power Health Tips answers:

Hi joy,
I believe all Healthy Diet Plans works. It’s the dieters that are at fault. Weight Loss is all about numbers. Burn more calories than you consume = you lose weight. I believe in eating Healthy foods and exercise.
Why should I spend all my hard earn money on expensive Diet Programs when I can easily control the calculation of Weight Loss? The internet is full of Healthy Foods recipes where I can use to prepare them myself. If you are a busy person, then wake up early and prepare your own meal and take them to work.
Of course, the situation will be different for some people that is seriously overweight or obese. Then they need to consult their dietician or doctor.

Hope I answer your questions

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