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Charles asks…

Best weight loss diet for busy vegetarian mom?

I am a busy young mom with 3 kids, ages 3, 2, and 4 months. I have gained a lot of weight in my pregnancies and would like to lose about 80 pounds. I want to lose it slowly and healthfully. I do not have the time or money to join a gym, and do not have the child care. Also, I can not afford to buy any exercise equipment or expensive pills/gadgets etc. What are some healthy diet plans that are vegetarian friendly, and what are good exercises for targeting belly fat. PS-I do not need to hear “eat less exercise more.” I need specific routines and referrals to eating plans that work for my lifestyle. I also need to know what kind of exercises to do and when/how to do them, plus some healthy foods that will satisfy my sweet tooth. Thanks!
I forgot to say that I am also allergic to wheat.
I forgot to say that I am also allergic to wheat.

Power Health Tips answers:


Hey I feel ya. I can point you in the direction of someone that is totally on his game.

He and his wife are tops.

Of the most valuable things that I was able to learn for him is that by really knowing the truths about what foods are really food we are able to fuel ourselves with a cleaner and higher octane food (fuel).

So head over to:

It is an online resource that you will be able to use always.

You know after you learn some of the untold truths you will be able to teach the correct things to your children.

I am a father and I really know how important it is to give our children the correct knowledge so that they will grow up healthy and uninhibbited by feeling unhealthy.

Always the Best To You and Yours!

Rod Wambold

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