Your Questions About Healthy Eating For Women In Their 20s

October 3, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Steven asks…

How come short girls often grow up into fat women? I am short and my mom is short, she was?

tiny and cute when shes was in her early 20s but shes in her 40s now and is fat, big old belly and thick shapeless legs…am I doomed? I have notice this alot now that Im award of it, you rarely see a cute adult over 30 whose short with a cute body they usually have huge saggy boobs and a big belly to go with it…:(
the thing is I have also looked at older taller women like taller than 5 8 (which is huge for a woman) and they all look slim or skinny still 🙁

Power Health Tips answers:

Your metabolism slows as you grow older, and that combined with the stress of having kids (pregnancy isn’t the only stress your body endures) and a family and a work and a husband…you don’t have much “me” time.

My advice? Get over physical problems and learn to embrace your body. Get into healthy eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are in college and pig out for 4 years, there’s a good chance that you’ll maintain those bad habits for a long time.

Plus you have to learn that your body changes after you have kids. Yes, your boobs may sag or you may see excess flab on your belly that will never really go away. That’s what you get.

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