Your Questions About Healthy Eating For Women

July 4, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

George asks…

Can you eat cornuts and junk food while pregnant? I know fruits and vegetables are good for me but sometimes?

I am more hungry than that and I know healthy eating is not junk food. I know what is healthy eating too but I am not always able to afford the yummy sandwiches and pizzas I want to eat. I know all pregnant women eat junk food at some time or the other. Therefore, is it bad to eat cornuts, cheezits and salty snacks while pregnant? Or should they be reduced to as minimal as possible as part of the diet?

Power Health Tips answers:

Just try to eat mostly healthy and not so much junk food. Yeah, reduced to a minimum and not the main diet. Fruits and vegetables and lean meat and dairy and whole grains. If you get enough protein and fiber, you won’t be as hungry.

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