Your Questions About Healthy Eating For Mental Illness

October 1, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Ruth asks…

Is it likely for a healthy person to die from high blood pressure (hypertension)?

I am a healthy person. I am in my target weight range for my height. My high blood pressure is most likely coming from my eating habits and my mental illness.

I know anyone with high blood pressure is at risk to die, but what are my chances being reasonably healthy. And can too much exercise be a risk?

Thanks in advance for answers.

Power Health Tips answers:

High blood pressure can be dangerous for anyone at any age or gender. You have to be careful and monitor it regularly (or see your doctor as they prescribe).
If you’re younger and at your target weight then that’s a plus. Exercise and eating right can do nothing but help you. It’s always good to do both but especially when you’re dealing with high blood pressure or cholesterol.
Yes, exercising too much can be a risk. It can be a risk for anyone no matter their condition. They recommend you exercise 3-4 times a week with space in between the work outs (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with days of rest in between).
Even though you are young your high blood pressure can be a risk to your health. The problem will build up over time and be harder to resolve the older you get. You’re young now so things will be easier to fix, so you should start now.
I would recommend calling your doctor and telling them your dilemma. Only they really know what you need because they know you physically (in a doctor sort of way : ) )

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