Your Questions About Healthy Eating For Men Over 50

April 8, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Steven asks…

What’s the best multivitamin brand in Centrium is best for a grade 9 male?

Om so out of these which would be best?
Centrium cardio
Centrium for article life styles
Centrium for long term health
Centrium for men over 50
I’m also 5 foot 9 and about 183 pounds and this is for over all health. And if these are all bad what is a better brand?

Power Health Tips answers:

Make at least 7 hours of sleep
Sleep improves your immune system, reduces stress and stimulates the release of growth hormone to repair your cells. It helps you to feel and look younger.
One sure way to accelerate the aging process, in fact, is precisely the increase of cortisol, a stress hormone that increases when you sleep little.

Always start your day with breakfast
Research has shown that people who start the day with a balanced meal, eat fewer calories the rest of the day. Even the act of eating increases your metabolism. In fact, it takes energy to digest food. Do not eat, instead, sends a signal to your metabolism of inactivity! The risk then is to eat too much later, when the blood sugar level is very low. Start your day with a balanced meal of good fats, carbohydrates rich in fiber and lean protein.

Eat 4-6 small meals a day, one every 3-5 hours
Increase your metabolic rate by eating regularly. Burn calories while consuming them, maintaining a constant level of blood sugar. Your muscles are metabolically active tissue and allow you to burn calories even at rest, but they need to be fed. Big starve and lose them, thus killing your metabolism and increasing your fat stores.

Drink water and avoid beverages
Liquid calories are very misleading! The classic juice is excellent for your enemy. This drink, which seems natural and healthy, is instead loaded with sugar. Eat an orange or an apple instead of that glass of juice and add a little ‘fiber to your diet and you will avoid many simple sugars. The other soft drinks are dangerous. They can contain up to 10 bags of sugar per can! When you do not have the sugar, then, and bear the label “Diet”, “Zero” and “light”, are full of artificial sweeteners that are closely related to metabolic problems and cancer!

30 minutes of activity every day
The American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) recommends 30 minutes of physical activity a day for health and weight maintenance. They recommend, instead, 60 minutes or more to weight loss. A combination of weight training and aerobic workout is the best choice.

Leave your chair
More and more health problems are linked to how long you sit. Many of us go from bed to breakfast table, the machine at your desk, only to end the couch at night. Get up from the chair as much as you possible. Standing burn more calories. These small changes in caloric expenditure, day after day, they add up over time.

Walk and take the stairs
On foot or by bicycle to all appropriate destinations. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Technology and modern facilities allow us to be very lazy.

Break the fixed pattern of training
Your body is very smart and becoming more efficient with practice. Doing the exercises in the same way you will burn fewer calories. Try to use dumbbells instead of a barbell, or the bike vertical instead of the reclined. Use the elliptical instead of carpet to make your cardio training for first and your weaknesses.

Weight training
And ‘quite likely to do light aerobic activity such as walking, climbing a flight of stairs, etc.. And this is good for maintaining the health of the heart and lungs. To increase your metabolism you should train with weights. So, jump well your cardiovascular workout in favor of weight training. You’ll add some muscle and your metabolic furnace will rise by much.

Managing stress
At this point, if you manage the points 1-9, the stress is under control. If not go back and start again at 1. Stress releases cortisol, this stimulates the accumulation of fat, has a devastating effect on your sleep, makes you stop dieting, you’ll ruin the training and has absolutely no positive impact on your life ……… I know all the ..; /

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