Your Questions About Healthy Eating For Busy People

April 19, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Joseph asks…

How to keep up with my exercises and healthy eating?

I’m going on a trip this summer for 3 weeks out east (I’m from BC) and I’ve recently started doing an hour of cardio everyday, as well it eating healthy. But I’m afraid this trip will mess everything up. Unfortunately, there won’t be much cardio machines, we will be eating out a lot. Can you please give me any suggestions on how to keep my exercise and healthy eating going throughout this trip?

Power Health Tips answers:

Drink a lot of water. Order relatively healthy foods, like salads. Walk around, visit places to keep yourself busy/active, get involved in activities and the likes of. If you are determined and it is important to you set aside some time to run or do other exercises which do not require machines.

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