Your Questions About Good Exercise Tips For Pregnant Women

April 6, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Richard asks…

How do you prevent/minimize ugly after-baby body?

I know not every woman has this problem, so I would like to hear from women who do not have the loose skin overhang. Were you fit & in shape prior to getting pregnant? What is your body type (tall, short, skinny, pudgy, etc.)? I recall my mom having somewhat of a stomach but she never exercised much. I know there are other factors involved such as age, skin elasticity, genetics, etc. that are not controllable, but maybe some of you have some good tips for things that I can control. I haven’t started trying to get pregnant yet because we weren’t ready, but now we are.
Okay, let’s not be rediculous (1st 2 respondents). If “that’s all I cared about” I wouldn’t even consider having a baby. Secondly, I stated that I KNOW there are uncontollable factors. If I get a messed up body, then so be it. However, I simply wish to avoid some of the ravages of pregnancy. Get a life & answer a question that pertains to you.

Power Health Tips answers:

I think physical fitness prior to and during pregnancy are key here. Make sure you are eating a diet very high in fruits and veggies and other water based foods, get plenty of healthy fats and vitamin E (good for skin health and elasticity), and avoid sugar and processed flour. They can cause inflammation of the skin, and heighten your likelihood of having stretch marks. Drink 12 glasses of water a day and avoid caffeine. Also, keep your weight gain during pregnancy at a minimum. 25-30 lbs is plenty as long as you started at a fairly normal weight. I exercised 5-6 days a week throughout each of my pregnancies right up until I delivered. It really helps with the weight gain, not to mention energy levels and ease of delivery. Ok, all of these things will help, but your right, genetics, height and body structure all play a huge part. I am fairly small and even though I don’t gain much weight my abdomen gets huge during pregnancy. I have a few stretch marks and some loose skin that is probably only noticeable to me. But if you do what you can to minimize these things, you may not have to deal with them at all. My mom had 6 kids and has no stretch marks and a super tight belly.

Nina, sounds like you are being a little bit defensive…the asker never said her body was the ONLY thing she was worried about. And being concerned about your physical appearance does not mean you aren’t ready to be pregnant, and it doesn’t mean that you view it as a “chore”. YOU need to get over YOURSELF!! And stop being so critical.

And asker, I am sorry I think you may have misunderstood my answer. I am in no way being critical. My intention was to answer your question based on my own experience. I thought I gave you some pretty helpful tips. What gives?

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