Your Questions About Exercise Tips For Women

August 19, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Exercise Tips

Emma asks…

Good weight loss tips for women with PCOS?

I am 14 years old and have PCOS. As a result of this i am overweight. I have been eating healthily and taking part in regular exercise for 3 years now and the weight is still not shifting! Any one got any tips for weight loss? This would help loads 🙂

Power Health Tips answers:

Hi Emma.I am 20 years old and I also have PCOS and have been overweight.My mom is a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist and has helped me out.So I’ll tell you what she taught me. Eat 6 meals a day. 3 meals with 3 small snacks in between. Your body weight and age determine how many calories you should have per day and intern how many calories you should have per meal. I would guess around 1500 calories a day judging by your age. Eat balanced meals consisting of proteins(fish, chicken, and egg whites are good sources of protein), carbs, and vegetables (not starchy vegetables like corn for example. They count as carbs.) NEVER go on low carb diets.The lack of carbs is replaced by water intake which means as soon as you begin to up your carb intake again you will gain it all back. Stay away from soft drinks, caffienated drinks, alcohol, and sugary drinks.Drink LOTS of water. Also stay away from sugary foods.I recommend greek yogurt which is low in fat, calories, and sugar.Mix it with a little organic granola and it makes a great snack.I also like raw baby carrots.This healthy eating habit shouldn’t even be called a diet.It should become part of your lifestyle.As for exercise start slowly because you have to work your body up to being able to take on a tougher workout. For cardio start with a quick paced walk for thirty minutes. After about a week quicken your pace to a jog and after another week try running. If you feel like your not ready to run yet continue jogging but jog for 45 minutes instead of 30.An important thing to remember is to keep pushing yourself more and more in your workouts.Slowly add more time or a faster pace or more resistance.If your workout is at a stand still, your weight loss will be at a stand still as well.Your weight and age also indicate what your heart rate should be when you are working out. This is a good reference website to go to in order to learn how to calculate yout target heart rate. good exercise plan always consists of both cardio and weight training. Cardio without weight training results in flabby untoned tissue! If you are training alone I recommend staying away from large weight machines.You may hurt yourself. Stick with the small plastic dumbells.In fact I recommend yoga and pilates which really work your core as well as multiple muscle zones in your body and are great for toning.Keep in mind that 30 minutes of exercise a day is required to see significant changes.Unless you live an extremely active lifestyle the activities of normal daily life do not burn enough calories for weight loss.Supplement your eating and exercise with a daily multi-vitamin. I also take CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acids. They reduce fat and preserve muscle tissue, but purchase them at a legitimate store rather than online.Online offers are usually scams ,and pills sold online by sketchy sellers can be dangerous.Also talk to your doctor first to be sure they are safe for someone your age. I recommend keeping your doctor informed throughtout your weight loss process just to be sure you are being as safe and healthy as possible. I have lost 20 pounds(9.08 kilograms) in about 3 months using this process.Good luck and stay motivated! =D

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Lisa asks…

Quick weight loss tips for women at home?

Hopefully someone can help me out here. Could anyone recommend some tips for quick weight loss? I’m wanting to work out at home if possible and I don’t have a lot of money for equipment. Are there any exercises that anyone can suggest? Any help would be awesome!


Power Health Tips answers:

Pushups, situps, crunches, squats, run around the block. The usual. If youre a beginner and pushups are too hard you can do them against your wall, or against a couch.
You could also watch tv then during commercials do pushups or situps until your show comes back on. Make it fun. Always stretch before you work out though (Roll your neck, wrist, hips, ankle, try to touch your toes, etc.)
Eat healthy. Put down the chips and grab an apple, or put down the soda and grab a water.
Cut down on the candy, if you crave chocolate, eat an alternative, like Nutella on toast. It taste EXACTLY like melted chocolate, and it’s healthy.

Daniel asks…

What are some weight loss tips for pregnant women?

I’m two months pregnant and I want to continue getting in shape like I was doing before I got pregnant. I’m trying eating healthier and more regularly but I would like to know about helpful tips, healthy recipes, or exercises I can do. Note: I am a fatty so it is not unhealthy for me to lose weight if properly done in fact it would lower chances of health complications for me and the child during pregnancy and in the long run.

Power Health Tips answers:

1. Don’t lose weight.

I’m serious. No matter how overweight you are, losing the weight now is not an option. Losing weight will release toxins that were stored in your blood, and go straight to your baby. So in fct losing weight now will INCREASE chances of health complications for your baby.

What is recommended for pregnant women, is to try to GAIN LESS weight than a normal weight woman would. That is all. Never try to LOSE weight while pregnant.

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