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July 16, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Laura asks…

Summwe Health Plan/ Eatin daily plan/ workout?

Ok so im 15 and im going to be a sophomore next year. I weigh 170 pound and i have a belly wich i suck in for hours daily and have man breasts which i cover up with hoodies. I have been sucking and doing this for 4 years. I want a change. I am never active i always sit home i play video games 8 hours on end i never go outside i eat pizza and 5 guys constantly. I drink coke only. I sleep 5 hours daily. ______________________________________________________________________________–

What are some tips you can give me to build a little muscle and lose all my body fat including breasts and stomach?

I have a bicycle, two 10 pound dumbbells, and a yoga mat.

How can i do this over summer.

What is the minimum i can eat daily? What type of exercises can i do daily? I am very consistant. I can eat the same thing for a year every day. Just please tell me what to eat every day and what to drink and i will do it. Plz i can do this i just need guidance and a written paper eating and excercise sceduale t eat. I cant do it alone i just need some hard paper to tell me what to eat and do. Pls help me jsut give me something that i ca eat everyday and ill eat only that everday. I want to be fit and hot and attractive. TY. Im a guy. Live in the city. And hate jogging-.-

Power Health Tips answers:

Eat goglus and bike

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