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Lizzie asks…

exercise tips?

im about to get out of college for the summer and am gonna start exercising. i am incredibly out of shape. i have not done the least bit of exercise in years. im 21, 5’10”, and weigh about 175lbs. first, im gonna start running everyday at a nearby track. what types of stretches should i do so i won’t pull something. also, i want to ease into running, gradually increasing my time. how should i go about doing this. any tips would be nice. i have a very minute amount of belly fat and some around my thighs. running should take care of that, but i want to build some muscle, b/c i dont really have any. what are some good things i can do in order to build some muscle without any equipment because im a broke college kid. my goal is to look something roughly like this:

if i can just get close to this, ill be happy. any tips or advice will be helpful.

Power Health Tips answers:

Start with what seems like a ridiculously easy workouts. You won’t be taxing your aerobic capacity at first, but giving time for the body to get accustom to running.

Interval training is the best way to get into running.
. Walk for 5-10 minutes as a warm-up. Then…
. Alternate running and walking for one minute each.
. Start with 5 one-minute intervals of gentle running and walking.

Only gentle stretching, if any, before the run. Work in the normal range of motion. After running, stretch to increase the range motion.
Pick a stretch for the calves, ankles, hamstrings and quads See stretches here:

Over a few weeks increase the difficulty by:
. Increasing to 20 or 30 minutes of run/walk intervals after warm-up.
. Increase the running speed.
. Increase the proportion of the time spent running to 2 minutes run, then 1 minute walk

Body weight exercises to pick from.

Six pack abs are all about low body fat.

Chris asks…

Good exercise tips on how to be physically fit for Navy seal BUD/s training.?

Im 19 and about to go to basic for navy, then i gotta do a pre-test/physical for BUD/s. i smoked ciggerattes quit a bit when i was in high school and wanna get my lungs back to normal as if i were a lil kid again. Anybody got any good tips on how to train for BUD/s or cardio tips?

Power Health Tips answers:

If you’ve already passed the physical requirements to get the SEAL Challenge, then you’re at minimal level. If you work your tail off… Do more than is expected of you… You’ll make it to Coronado.

But, if you’re 19 and concerned about making it, I’m afraid that you’re already behind the curve. I used to swim with a SEAL Recruiter/Motivator. One day when we were knocking out a leisurely 2K in the pool (about half an hour) his son (whom he’s training for SEAL) ran 500, swam a 500, did 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 25 pull-ups… And then did it all again… All in 30 minutes… And the kid was 13.

Keep in mind that the physical stuff is the easiest. You know what you have to do. The numbers are posted all over the place. You know if you can do it. And you should be able to figure out that if you can’t do those minimums, you’re not going to make it.

Also keep in mind that once you get to Coronado, it won’t make much difference how you did before. You’ll be required to do more, better, longer, and faster. And you’ll be required to do it in wet clothes and boots.

I’m not a doctor, but If you’ve screwed up your lungs, I suppose it’s probable that there’s nothing that can be done. You’re probably never going to get them as clear as before you started smoking.

Here’s the deal. You should be able to hold your breath for at least a minute and a half. That’s a little over 100M underwater. You can hyperventilate, but that’s only good for a short period… Then you have to do it again. If your lungs are screwed up, you may have a long recovery time. I know a guy who did 3:50 on one dive (static) and then did 3:15 (static) five minutes later. Those were both static dives and he was monitored by his dive buddy… And a couple others. Oh, and you CANNOT safely hyperventilate on tank.

I’ve seen gadgets that are supposed to improve your capacity, but I’ve never tried them, nor do I know anybody else who’s tried them. You can try them if you want. I suppose you can get them online from any site that offers preparation help for SEAL… But I suspect they’re mainly good for separating you from $10 or so.

Me? Retired from the Navy after a quarter of a century… And got to know a few SEALs along the way.

Ruth asks…

anyone have some tips for exercising or have any exercise equipment for sell?

i am trying to lose my belly (baby fat) i am a small female and had 2 kids one then the other 10 months later but he was born 2 months early. so trying to see the best way to lose the belly or what exercise equipment would work good.

Power Health Tips answers:

Eat 6 small meals a day
eat less calories than you consume
do cardio for 30 min at least 4 days a week
dont eat white carbohydrates like pasta white bread or rice
only whole grains fresh fruit veggies and dairy

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