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July 8, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Exercise Tips

Jenny asks…

How to stay fit on a busy schedule?

I used to work out all the time, and was pretty fit, but now that I have a really busy schedule, I am packing on the pounds. How can I work out if I have a busy schedule? People would suggest that I get up extra early for a run, but since I live far from my school, I find myself up at 6:30 every morning to go to school, and don’t have time to sleep till 11 or 12 pm due to all my homework and non athletic extracurriculars e.g. piano and debating. Therefore, this tip, which I find is the biggest suggestion to people asking this question can’t really help me? What other methods are there to work in some exercise on a busy schedule.

If it helps, I used to do cross country and aerobics almost daily, but now don’t have the time for it due to the increase of school work. I am still teaching swim for 3 hours every Monday, and that’s pretty much my only current form of exercise.

Power Health Tips answers:

I watched this show on how the winner of the biggest loser gets exercise doing everyday things. And she would do lunges at the grocery store and stuff like that. Every little bit helps.

Charles asks…

I am 5ft 5 and 11st.How can i lose weight?

I know that I have to exercise and eat healthy but I am a very busy girl. Can people please give me some tips. I’m going away in October 2012 so I need to lose a bit of my weight for the beach then haha.

Power Health Tips answers:

Dont starve your self!! Thats a deffo nono!! Just eat your 5 fruit n veg a day and keep fit by abit of running or anything that takes abit of effort!

Donald asks…

Ankylosing spondylysis results in upper back stiffness and bad posture. Can I expect some tips for lifestyle?

I am 53 years old.Had bad walking style since childhood. A road accident at age of 38 made the spine weaker. MRI and HLA B27 tests are validating diagnosis and also indicating bamboo spine related issues. Body stiffness and inability to stand straight has had big impact on me.
Trying my best to keep myself busy and with a positive outlook .
Plenty of support from family and people with whom I had a good business relationship.
Warm water fermentation and breathing exercises to keep lungs in healthy condition are some of the routine steps taken to avoid further deterioration in health.
Expecting some more knowledge on DO’s and DONT’s.

Power Health Tips answers:

Physical therapy can provide a number of benefits, from pain relief to improved physical strength and flexibility. Your doctor may recommend that you meet with a physical therapist to provide you with specific exercises designed for your needs.

Range-of-motion and stretching exercises can help maintain flexibility in your joints and preserve good posture. In addition, specific breathing exercises can help to sustain and enhance your lung capacity.

As your condition worsens, your upper body may begin to stoop forward. Proper sleep and walking positions and abdominal and back exercises can help maintain your upright posture. Though you may develop spine stiffness despite your treatment, proper posture can help to ensure that your spine is fused in a fixed upright position.

Having massage therapy several times a week will help the muscles and reduce the pain.

Most people are able to live productive lives despite a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis.

You may want to join a support group of other people with this condition, in order to share experiences and support. Contact your local office of the Spondylitis Association of America or the Arthritis Foundation to see if there are any groups in your area or if you can start your own.

I’ve enclosed a link that will give you more information.

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