Your Questions About 10 Great Tips For Summer Weight Loss

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Donald asks…

How can I lose weight as fast as possible?

Hello everyone, my name is Melanie, I’m 15 years old of age, almost everyone in my family is overweight, and well, I was the only one with a pretty good body, until I traveled for the summer and gained more than 10 kilos in about 2 months. I do not intend to starve myself, but for some odd reason I cannot seem to diet properly, I feel so ugly and depressed. My old clothes barely fit me anymore, and I have got stretch marks all over my body.. I need some motivation, tips and tricks, advice, anything…


Power Health Tips answers:

Here is the answer you want:
Before embarking on a weight loss program, you should check to be sure that the problem is not due to a thyroid condition. Test your thyroid gland first. Underactive thyroid contributes to weight gain. You could eat only air and still you’ll gain weight. Then you must work to restore this organ first.
Another healthy advice I would give you is to make up your mind that you are getting slimmer every day. The mind controls how you feel about your body and can help you lose weight witout changing much of your diet at all. Using your mind you can stay in great shape and still enjoy those foods you like. With your mind you gain freedom to be somebody of value, not just a decorative diet- obssesed chick in a failure way. Your thoughts can literally redefine the size, shape and strength of your body. Your mind plays a massive role in at least one distinct way, Through it’s connection to the endocrine system, different thoughts and mental state release hormones that can dramatically accelerate or retard weight loss.Of course, you need a good motivation to lose weight. First , deciding to lose weight is the key. Here’s 100 per cent guaranteed way to stay motivated. Get excited,refuse to excuse, do this fun, follow what make you laugh like a child, witout stress, obligation or boring. Recognize your progress and reward yourself. Take a memorable moment, just focus one single minute before you make each step thinking you’ll have a more attractive body. Can you put yourself in this picture ? If your answer is “yes” you are solid motivated right now.
17ways to lose weight easy fast and healthy :
1} Take your meals preferably two times a day. Avoid meal after sunset. Take a little hot water after every meal, this will control the fatness and improve digestion.
2} Keep fast at least one day in a week eating only fruits.
3} Keep fast at least for one day in a week drinking only mineral water.
4} Take vitamin B-complex that helps to increase your metabolism and burns fat.
5} Start eating with any salad, a strategy that helps you take the edge of your hunger.
6} Portion size. From a plateful of appetisant food, smile and eat just a portion as your palm and don’t regret.
7} Eat brown instead white { rice, bread, pasta}
8} Consume milk products low fat 1% lower sugar.
9} Avoid processed products.
10} Drink 4 cups green tea daily.
11} Don’t shipp breakfast.
12} Hoax your metabolism by banana trick. Before a meal, mash a banana throughly and combine with 4ounces soy milk Blend together and drink slowly 1 hour before the meal. So your appetite will be reduced considerably.
13} Get benefits fast eating figs,a sweet way to lose weight and it is bone density promotor. Also it is a better source of vitamin B6 than other fruits, , high level of iron and potassium.
14} Take a “intellectual diet” fruits, vegetables and “brain food” { anything that contains Omega 3 } are nutrients for your neurons and mind.
15} Cut down sodium.
16} Your guilty pleasure one day a week.
17} Above all you need movement in your life So get out and do some exercises that you like, something that is physical and fun.
9quick supplementary tips :
1}A ritual for starting fresh is asingle word each morning that can change your life for better. Choose now that word.
2} Change your clothes.
3} Identify your emotions by asking” why”.
4} Receive frequent feedback. Find good people with the same interest.
5} Brush your teeth after every meal.
6} Trust in yourself.
7} Don’t hate yourself for missing out something.
8}Keep your posture errect.
9} Keep yourself happy.
Does this feel right to you?
I hope so.
Good luck

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