Your Questions About 10 Easy Tips For Summer Weight Loss

April 23, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Weight Loss Tips

Sandy asks…

How can I lose 10 punds by the end of the summer with no dieting pills and stuff?

Hi I am 12 years old weighing 105 ibs and at a height of 4ft and 10 in. First of all, do you think I’m chubby? I really want to lose the weight because my friend i haven’t seen in a while is coming with her family, and i dont want them to see the way I’ve…”changed” Please help me! rember i am only 12, and i dont want anyone to know i’m trying to lose weight.

Power Health Tips answers:

Proactol the best easy weight loss for teens has managed to help others lose those unwanted lbs by helping reduce fat and calorie consumption within the body. Taken in tablet form, you have the opportunity to embrace life with both hands and feel content with yourself, just like our reviewers.

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