Singaw (Canker Sores) Treatment: With Yogurt (Health Tips)

February 26, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Vitamin Tips

Canker sore (Singaw) Treatment: Dr. Willie T. Ong, The Philippine STAR Canker sores are small shallow and painful lesions inside the mouth. Locally, it is known as singaw. It’s not contagious but it can make eating and talking very painful. What causes canker sore? It usually starts with a small injury (from teeth braces, accidental biting and abrasion from the teeth). In some cases, it could be stress-related or may be due to a lack of vitamin Bs. If you have this problem like me, I’m sure you’ve tried a lot of home remedies that doesn’t really work. Don’t try putting calamansi, salt or what have you. According to Dr. Elmer De La Cruz, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, here are the tips to treat canker sores: 1. Use Solcoseryl Ointment — Solcoseryl Ointment is applied to the sore 3-5 times a day. It has an anesthetic effect and numbs the pain. 2. Eat Yoghurt — According to Dr. De La Cruz, yoghurt is particularly helpful because it coats all the canker sores, even in places where it is hard to reach, like the throat and inner gums. I take 1-2 tablespoons of yoghurt, every hour or so. This is just enough to cover the sores and hasten its healing. 3. Consider taking antibiotics, like Amoxicillin 500 mg capsule three times a day for 5 days. Sometimes, there is an accompanying sore throat or inflamed tonsils which can benefit from antibiotics. Ask your doctor first. 4. Drink 8-12 glasses of water a day — Drinking lots of water will keep your mouth wet and help
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