Relaxation Strategies and Stress Management

September 2, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Relaxation Tips

It is possible to conquer stress and the key to that starts with your mind. Mind is the start point of stress,whether consciously or on a sub-conscious level since everything that happens in our life is initially perceived and processed by our brain. Learning to control your chain of thoughts and a few relaxation tips can do wonder for your personal stress management.

Relax and say goodbye to stress

The first method in dealing with stress in your own personal way is to learn how to relax. It might not be much but professionals and therapists agree that being relaxed while in the throes of stress can help you find solutions in getting rid of it. There are plenty of methods that can help you relax, and you can choose one that will suit you best.

Music and dancing

It is true that the music soothes the savage beast, and your mind is nothing short of savage when under the influence of stress. Playing instrumental music or nature sounds can ease your mind and help you relax. You can try dancing to the tune of the music to release the tension that builds up in your body. Loosening all those tight muscles can help you relax as well as increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen into other areas of your body promoting a healthy outlet to stress.


The body and the mind are connected. The mind can perceive what the body can feel and vice versa. By pampering your body, you can help your mind relax and put you in a calm mood. Getting a massage is a great way to give your body a break, and your mind as well. Shiatsu can do wonders in getting those tired muscles out of your system which will help you feel balanced and energized after wards.

You can use aromatherapy massage to relax. Being rubbed with scented oils like jasmine or lavender can help your mind relax while the soothing massage gently caresses your body.

Meditation of mind and body

Meditation can certainly help in reducing the tension that builds up in your mind while under the influence of stress. Originally part of the pagan religion, meditation is now being incorporated by many professionals as a healthy resort to stress and problems. Try to find a quiet place in your mind or in your office. You may sit down or lie down. Focus on each and every single area of your body and commanding them to relax with your mind. You might feel slightly heavy after wards since you are internally focused.

Try to visualize an object or phrase a question in your mind. Focus on it as long as necessary. Fleeting thoughts and scenes will flash through but pay them no heed. After a while, your mind will stop projecting images and you will feel like as if you’re floating in total nothingness. You will feel refreshed after meditation and you will be ready to face stress in the face.

Physical exercise

Another great technique to manage stress is to find an outlet for your mental and emotional burdens. Physical exercise can do wonders when dealing with stress and is incorporated by stress management clinics and workouts worldwide.

This will help you avoid effects of stress like stroke, high-blood pressure, muscle pains, and so on.You can have a near stress-free life if you can manage a healthy mind and also a fit body. Improved cardiovascular activity and a healthy heart requires you to perform physical exercise at least 4 times a week.

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