Relaxation Methods You Can Use Daily

September 12, 2010 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Relaxation Tips

There are a lot of which can effectively help you to manage stress. But rather than the symptoms it is more important to track the stressors. Stressors are things that lead you to take stress and to become restless, stressors can be anything; it can be the traffic that you faced on your way to work, an argument with your loved ones or a pressure of project submission.

There are two types of stressors that is internal and external. External stressors are those which are beyond our control. On the other hand internal stressors are generated due to our own perception of things and emotions. There are “easy relaxation techniques” that can help you to control these stressors whether they are internal or external. It is more helpful in case of external stressors as they are beyond our control. Here is a list of a few very simple but none the less very effective relaxation tips.

A caring touch can do wonders to your low mood. This can be a friendly hug, a pull at the cheek or a pat on the back. It could be anyone, a family member a friend or a colleague but a touch that says that “I care” is a definite mood lifter.

If there is a specific thing that is disturbing you or causing you stress, then the best thing to do is, to distant yourself from the stressor. If you are at office you can take a quick wash room break or visit the pantry. You can also take a walk and try and think at the situation at hand at a more objective angle.

If you are weighed down with worry, then the best remedy is to distract yourself that with some great food. You can settle for a cup of coffee or tea or a healthy snack and keep the problem at rest for a while.

It sounds silly, but laughter can relieve you of all your worries, it can help to lighten your mood and your face muscles at the same time.

It is important that you take break and use these .
It need not be long and does not need to have a purpose.

You can take a 15 minutes break just to get fresh air. While you are out in the open it is a great idea to listen to some music via a portable music player. You can also listen to music while you are walking to the subway to get back home from work.

Once you try these you will see that these “Easy Relaxation Techniques”
will help to handle stress very effectively.

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