PCB Alert: Is Your Kid’s School Next?

August 20, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health Tips

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On Tuesday this week supermodel Cindy Crawford made headlines by appearing on NBC’s Today Show to raise awareness about the potential harms of PCBs, a common environmental toxin, that has turned up at the Malibu high school her children attend.   “I don’t feel 100 percent safe,” Crawford said in a televised interview with NBC special correspondent Maria Shriver. Today, the problem is that PCBs can still be found in the environment and buildings that predate the ban.   In the case of the Malibu high school, one possible source of the contaminant is the old caulking used to seal the windows, according to the Malibu Times “This is not a Malibu issue,” Crawford told Shriver on NBC. Yahoo Health contacted Johanna Congleton, a Senior Scientist at the Environmental Working Group. “PCBs are associated with a number of health effects, including cancer,” she explained. You can read an informative Fact Sheet here.   Also worth noting is that in 2012, the EPA published this report: PCBs in School Buildings: Sources, Environmental Levels, and Exposures   Still, if you are worried about indoor toxins it’s probably a good idea to take a big picture approach: try and identify all possible sources of contaminants.   PCBs are just part of the overall problem of potentially toxic indoor air quality noted Veena Singla a staff scientist with the NRDC.

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