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January 16, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Exercise Tips

Fitness Tips
Motivate yourself to stay on track with your New Year resolution fitness goals with these tips! If you're looking to lose weight, mix up your exercise routine. Trying different forms of exercise and planning meals ahead of time can aide tremendously in …
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Tips help you adapt a healthy lifestyle
Make time: "You can't buy your way to good health," she said. "So we need to allow ourselves enough time to shop for food, prepare it and eat in a relaxed manner." Seek out a coach or a friend for motivation on either food or exercise.
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Eating Healthy Can Be The Same as Eating Delicious Food
And it's true, he's teaching more and more people through Fat Loss Ignition, his revolutionary fat loss program that involves eating right, getting regular exercise, and knowing how to do those things without suffering. "We include recipes for the …
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