Going Bald? You May Face a Higher Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

September 16, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health Tips

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Photo by Alexey Klementiev/iStock/ If your head is starting to resemble a crystal ball, prostate cancer may be in your future. Over the course of the study, 1,138 men developed prostate cancer, and about half of those cases were considered aggressive, or fast-growing, tumors. They also asked the men to indicate their level of hair loss at age 45 — and the responses uncovered quite an usual, interesting trend.  Related: Why Men Are Going Bald Younger — and 8 Ways to Stop the Shedding Guys who were balding in the front and, to a moderate degree, on the crown of their head at age 45 faced a 39 percent higher risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer over the course of the study, compared to men who’d had all of their hair intact at 45. About 10 percent of the study participants reported this particular pattern of hair loss, shown below.  Illustration by the American Society of Clinical Oncology Past research has revealed a similar association. In a 2002 study from Australia, for example, men in their 60s with “vertex” balding — that is, hair loss on the crown of their head — were nearly three times more likely to develop severe prostate cancer than their non-balding peers.

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