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Leave the immune system requires greater security to cope with any type of infection. Now more than ever is required to raise the consumption of citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and kiwi, considering that are rich in vitamin C, which reduces the duration of the disease and ease symptoms. Therefore, vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, strengthens the immune system and help prevent cases of flu.
Every day, our body is exposed to a large number of agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens that form a very bad cocktail, so that our body feels, and its degree of protection is reduced drastically. The secret to keep him in a power asset is correct.

According to Dr. Corio Rosario Spanish Society of Physicians, “the relationship between vitamin C and increasing the body’s defense due to its participation in the formation of collagen, an essential element in building cell membranes, creating a barrier that prevents the virus entering the cell. ” Therefore, she insisted on “consuming a glass of orange juice at breakfast. On the other hand there is a fiber and pectin intake with beneficial effects for the body, due to fermentation in the large intestine, directly related to immunity. “

The power of this vitamin in the processes can be seen not only for the flu but also that “maintain the integrity of mucous membranes, is healing and repair muscle damage after strenuous physical exercise, “said Emilio Martinez de Victoria, a professor of nutrition at the University of Granada. To ensure that the daily ration of citrus to the needs of the body, Martinez de Victoria exposes three points of view: “Eating the recommended dose of vitamin C is sufficient to maintain normal functioning immune system, some say, others opt for a higher saturation than normal, while those who are advocating megadoses of vitamin C for optimal immune function. “It proved, however, say experts, that is sufficient consumption of 200 grams of an orange to cover 150 percent of the recommended daily amount.


Beyond this figure, the levels do not change. “It is not necessary to drink only orange juice, but grapefruit and lemons to be consumed as rich in vitamin C and is an excellent bactericide and antiseptic, perfect to dilute excessive mucus. On the other hand, are able to activate white blood cells that form the body’s defenses. However, given the high degree of acidity, experts recommend avoiding regular consumption and abuse so as not to affect the intestinal wall and worsen cases of gastritis. Sometimes you have blended with water, taking into account that retains the properties and do not affect the stomach.

There are several theories on the best time of day for this fruit to have the best effect on the body.
According to Dr. Corio, it is known that Vitamin C is unstable, it oxidizes easily when exposed to air and light and is destroyed at high temperatures, all these are factors that could lead to changes. “And especially the fact that, in general, “Our body is the most wise and that any quantity of Vitamin C we consume, the excess is excreted through urine. “If natural juice is best consumed fresh, after squeezing the fruit, vitamin C is lost otherwise, ” the doctor warns Victoria Martinez.

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