Fat-Shaming Fairgoers Is Fair Game On Facebook Page

August 13, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health Tips

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The Iowa State Fair surely has that place beat for people watching! Post your pics of awesome Fair people here!”  That’s how the anonymous administrator of the People of The Iowa State Fair Facebook page describes the cyber destination that currently boasts over 67,000 likes. Not so “awesome.” Several Facebook users who find the site offensive have asked the administrator to take down (or at least take responsibility for) the page’s hurtful content, but to no avail. The administrator posted this response on Tuesday: “People watching is one of the great traditions of the Iowa State Fair, and this site was made to allow people worldwide to enjoy that… The internet is full of offensive and disgusting things, and if I stumble across a website that offends me, I re-direct my browser elsewhere immediately and do not go back.” The page launched last August, during the 2013 state fair. This year’s fair, which kicked off last week and runs through Sunday, is expected to attract more than 1 million people.  The administrator of the page might not actually post any of the content, but as a curator, he or she gives Facebook users (who aren’t anonymous) a place to create posts that are blatantly mean. The pictures in question objectify people for their weight, race, and sexual orientation and mocks other aspects of their appearance.

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