Exercise Tips For Effective Fat Burning

May 13, 2010 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Exercise Tips

The exercise tips to maximize fat burning explained here is to kick start your fat burning furnance again. Whether you are stuck in a routine or just not being consistent, you can try these exercise tips to maximize fat burning.

You may not realize this but if you build lean muscle you can actually burn more fat. Despite what some may think, weight training with weights doesn’t instantly mean you are going to be the next Arnold. If you want to build lean muscle you have to really work for it but it will help you maximize fat burning. If it was that easy to build muscle than every guy in the gym would be muscular. Women also need weight training so hit those weights and maximize fat burning.

For every pound of lean muscle you add to your body you increase your resting metabolic rate by about 50 calories per day. Add just 5 pounds of  lean muscle and you’ll be able to burn up to 250 fat calories.

To build lean muscle and boost metabolism you will have to involve weight training if you really want to maximize fat burning. Weight training a minimum of 3 days a week will give you the added benefits needed to maximize fat burning. The days that weight training are not performed can be used for cardiovascular or some type of activity you enjoy that burns calories.

One of the reasons people choose to do isolation exercises is to try to work on that specific area. This will work for weight training but for losing fat, you cannot spot reduce!

You cannot do specific exercises with the mindset of burning the fat off that area. Crunches will not get rid of your stomach. To , you should perform compound movements that involve multiple muscle groups. A good example would be to try close-grip, or diamond push-ups, will use more muscles and burn more calories than doing a tricep kickback. Another example would be to do squats instead of leg extensions. The more muscles involved in an exercise will require more energy(calories) to be used, resulting in maximizing fat burning.

There is a big difference between doing cardio exercises and really doing cardio exercises. The key to maximize fat burning with cardio is intensity. You can be on a treadmill for a couple hours, but if you have it at a low level, you really are just wasting time.

One of the best methods to maximize fat burning is high intensity interval training(HIIT). An example of interval training would be to run for a minute, walk on an incline for a minute, and then repeat. A typical HIIT training can last for about 20 minutes and would be more effective to maximize fat burning than an hour of low intense treadmill session. There has been scientific proof that show this method works.

The great thing about high intensity interval training is that you can use it in any form of exercise you do. A simple walk around a park can turn into a walk,run,walk, method maximizing fat burning outside.  The great thing about exercise is there is not one way that it ghas to be done as long as it is done correctly. Be creative and maximize fat burning your way!

This is often an overlooked aspect of exercise but rest is extremely important. If you live a busy and stressful life than this is even more important. I have written a post just for this specific topic because it is so important. It’s critical to note that all your results come when the body is at rest – recovering from the intense bout of exercise it just went through. If you never give your body rest, allowing it to recover, you’ll never see the results you desire and you won’t be able to maximize fat burning.

A good idea to help recover and to maximize fat burning is to use one day a week as a non-workout day. You should take yourself away from training and enjoy yourself. Use it as a reward to a week of high intense workouts that you had to maximize your fat burning.

If you really want to get the results you want, than you have to put the work in. Once you start to see results from exercises to maximize fat burning, then you will know it was all worth it.

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