5 Relaxation Tips for Parents

January 11, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Relaxation Tips

Letting Go

In our stressful world, it is important to develop an ability to let things go easily.  This is vital for our mental and spiritual health.  Try to find moment in the day or at the end of the day, where you can let go and release everything that has happened.  This is especially important to do before bedtime.  You may like to fill an imaginary balloon with any stresses and anxieties and let it go, or try throwing unwanted thoughts and feelings and watch them disappear or float away.  Use your imagination, be creative and make this an enjoyable experience for yourself.

Eat Slowly

When we are rushing from one activity to another, it is easy to forget to look after ourselves and just eat on the go.  If you can, try to sit down to eat and eat as slowly as possible – enjoying every mouthful.  Your body will thank you for this and you will feel the benefits of deep relaxation.  If you can, bless your food or say a short prayer for a few moments.  This may sound strange, but there have been studies that our thoughts and intentions can have a profound effect on our food.


Even if you don’t feel like it – smile.  Watch as this little facial expression can make a difference to your mood.  For a deep relaxation, try this Buddist exercise of tummy smiling.  Imagine you are smiling from the depths of your stomach.  As you practise this, you will find that you instantly feel more relaxed and content.

Take a Break

If you are able to stop during the day, schedule a short 5-10 minutes break for yourself.  This will help you feel more calm and in control.  Use these few minutes to experience deep inner calm and silence.  Just allow your thoughts to slow down, let go of the tension in your neck and shoulders and imagine you are being showered by drops of peace and a bubble.  If you have time, kick off your shoes and socks and walk on the grass outside.  As you build up a practise of this, you will notice how you can be refreshed and rejuvenated in just a short time. 

Stop and Breathe

Stop for a few moments and let your mind become still.  Take in a deep breath and breathe in a feeling of peace.  As you breathe out, breathe out peace into the room.  Close your eyes and give yourself a 30 second face massage.  End with a brisk rub of the ears for a fantastic rejuvenator.


  Practice Meditation

Sit or lie down and let your mind drift away with this meditation.

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are lying down on the beach.  Feel the warm sand underneath your body.  You can hear the waves of the sea. 
Now, very gently you are going to relax each part of your body.  Start with your feet, let your toes completely relax and become soft.   Now release all the tension in your ankles and let your legs become soft and heavy.  Relax the muscles in your tummy and back, feel your back sinking into the soft golden sand.  Let your shoulders and neck become soft and heavy as all the tension melts away.  Your arms feel heavy as they sink deeply into the warm sand.  And now let your head completely relax.  Relax your eyes, your ears, your cheeks, your jaw, your forehead. Become completely still and relaxed.  Feel the warm sun on your face and body as you sink further into the lovely soft sand. 
Enjoy this wonderful feeling of being calm and peaceful.  Stay there for a few more moments, enjoying the feeling of being completely relaxed.  Extract from The Wishing Star and Nature CD

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