5 Exercise Tips To Lose Belly Fat

April 28, 2010 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Exercise Tips

Excess body fat could pose great health risk on an individual. And excessive fat concentration in the mid section may lead to higher health risks, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Health experts agree to attain a healthier body and tone flat abs is to exercise and have a balanced diet. Nowadays there are plenty of exercise tips to lose belly fat fast. The fact is if you want to lose that extra weight you have to remain active, have a healthy balance meals and a healthy lifestyle. By eating the right kinds of food you may be able to trim down those excess fats and coupled with some proven exercise tips to lose belly fat you are on your way to a healthier body and flat abs.

First you must understand that losing weight entails a whole body workout, it’s impossible to get rid of one section of your body alone. Spot reducing will not give you favorable results, instead incorporate exercises that will tone and shape your muscles and then do some exercises that will target your midsection. There are exercise tips to lose belly fat that you can incorporate in your workout routine that can give you excellent results in no time.

These 5 exercise tips to lose belly fat could be included into your routine work out:

1. The Plank

The Plank is a core exercise that strengthens and tightens the abdominal muscles, as well as the back and the lower back muscles. The position; push up pose, forearms and toes are the ones only touching the ground. Hold this pose for 6 counts or until you can tolerate holding this pose. Then slowly go down and repeat the pose 3 times.

2. Abs crunch with stability ball

This core exercise let’s you target and isolates the abs muscles for a more precise muscle workout. However if you do not have a stability ball you can put your legs on a sturdy chair and do the crunch. Do the crunch for 12 counts and repeat for 3 times.

3. Pilates

It is a good body conditioning routine that develops flexibility, endurance and strengthens the core muscles. It tones the abs muscle without adding muscle bulk this is a good workout to have a flat toned abdominals a great exercise for ladies too. There are different pilates routines to choose from, from beginners to the advance routine.

4. Walking

Another great exercise tip to lose belly fat, walking lets all the muscle in the body burn more easily especially the abdominal muscles. Walking is a great cardio workout also. This will strengthen your heart and improve your breathing.

5. Cardiovascular exercises

Cardio exercises or aerobic exercises, like jogging, swimming, biking, and sprinting are some of the best cardio exercises that you will definitely enjoy. It gives a good whole body workout and is a great exercise tip to lose belly fat.

These exercise tips will help you lose belly fat, just remember to add variety in all your routine and diet. Adding variety to your workout will motivate you to go further into achieving your goal. This will also reduce the incidence of plateaus which often makes an individual frustrated.

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